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Environmental Engineering


Urban Ecosystems

I was born in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, and spent the first years of my life in the USA, Australia and Indonesia. My mother travelled the world with my sister and I, buying up old houses and renovating them. We learned to live in different cultures, adapt to local customs and explore the countries on our own. These experiences shaped me a lot and so I still have the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. I greet the unfamiliar with open eyes and a strong desire to experience new opportunities and learn new things.


We moved to Switzerland where I attended school for 9 years and, after my apprenticeship as a gastronomy specialist, I graduated from the hotel management school “Belvoirpark”, Zurich at the age of 19. Among other positions, I managed restaurants such as the "Kaufleuten Hof", the bistro "SALON" in District 3, and held positions as a Service Manager in the Hotel Ambassador and Restaurant in District 6.


My desire to constantly develop myself further led me to the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in 2016. I focused my studies on Urban Ecosystems and developed a great interest in garden history, urban development and the promotion of biodiversity in urban areas. My passion for the planning of greenspaces and open spaces has grown with project work I have completed within my workplace at planikum. The combination of analytical and creative thinking inspires me. My knowledge of plants and habitats in Switzerland enables me to incorporate ecological aspects into the planning process and to bridge the gaps between aesthetics, usage, ecology and technology. I am a digital native. I experiment with new techniques, programs and enjoy working with new devices whether self-made or already developed.

The development of cities and open spaces is important to me and I want to be a part of it in the future. I am happy to have successfully completed the CAS in Urban Design and look forward to new perspectives and expanding my horizons.

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